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Blue Death Feigning Beetles (Asbolus verrucosus)
  • Blue Death Feigning Beetles (Asbolus verrucosus)


    Death Feigning Beetle Care Sheet
    CEctoS Basics
    Housing: These can be successfully kept in a small open
    topped fish bowl in small numbers, but are also happy in
    larger enclosures. Provide a hide since they do not dig
    and hide themselves; they are more likely to wander
    around their tank if they have a ready retreat. Death
    Feigning Beetles cannot climb glass and do not bite.
    Lighting: No additional lighting necessary. In the wild
    they hide from the sun and have special adaptations to
    protect themselves if they are unable to reach shelter
    before the sun rises. The blue color is a waxy secretion
    and thin “sunscreen”
    Temperature: Normal to warm room temperature,
    between 65-75 degrees. These beetles retreat in the day
    time and do not experience the extreme high
    temperatures of their natural habitat and therefore do not
    need heat lamps or spot lights.
    Feeding: We feed carrots for water and dog food for
    nutrition. Cucumbers are a special treat.
    Watering: Unnecessary. The beetles look blue because
    of a waxy coating they excrete to protect them from the
    sun. When the beetles get wet, this washes off and they
    are black until it builds up again.
    Substrate: We use pure sand. You can mix it 75% sand
    25% organic soil, such as coco fiber, if you want to keep
    them with a succulent plant.
    Breeding: While the beetles breed with vigor, they have
    never successfully produced young in captivity.


      LAG (Live Animal Guarantee) is only available with Overnight shipping. Temps need to be between 30 and 90 degrees to qualify. Package must be accepted on first delivery attempt. For DOA's, you will need to contact me within 4 hours with a picture of said specimen. I may require you ship it back or take the picture in a special way, do not discard the specimen. I will always do my best to pack and ship. I will replace DOA's with another specimen of the same species, credit for the next purchase, or a refund. Shipping is non refundable

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